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The majority of business owners overpay their taxes... Wondering if you are one of them?

Keep More Of Your

Hard Earned MONEY In Your Pocket!

You started your business...

Then your business started running you.

You get the tax bill and you quickly realize you're paying more in taxes than you make in profit.

You wish you could find the hidden tax breaks the country’s top 5% know about.

They have teams of the best CPAs and tax attorneys to help them find and utilize all the tax breaks.

Hi. My name is Catrina Craft, CPA. I save business owners time, money and IRS aggravations for a living.

Are you unaware how the Tax Code can be utilized to increase

your bottom line business profits?

Do you have the time and desire to learn, understand and keep up with the complex ever changing tax code?

You need a tax plan and strategy.

There are over 500+ legal tax saving strategies and techniques available to you as a business owner but you may be unaware of what's possible due to the complexity and the ever changing tax laws.

"Without Catrina we'd be paying more in taxes and not growing as fast as we are."

The numbers never lie. They tell you the real deal with what's going on in your business so you need someone who understands you and your business. Before moving over to Catrina's firm, I had a great CPA, however, she just wasn't great for me as she didn't specialize in strategies for aggressive entrepreneurs like myself.

Catrina is a master of our tax code and I'm so glad she's on our team. Without her we'd be paying more in taxes and not growing our businesses as fast as we are. She is worth more than her weight in gold."

Duane Harden - Serial Entrepreneur

My strategies have saved small business owners up to $150,000 in one tax year.

I call it The Craft Money Map.

We will have a call together and you will receive your customized wealth and tax strategy based on your

goals and dreams.

What Does The Process Look Like?


Maximize Tax Deductions:

We will proactively prepare your taxes to maximize your available deductions that are buried in the 2500 page tax code; allowing you to keep more money in your pocket.

Uncover hidden IRS and State tax deductions.


Operate with a Strategy:

We will design a written business and personal financial plan. Mapping out how to maximize your available tax deductions, how to protect your assets, and create a plan for retirement.

Reach you goals with a strategic plan.


Net Income Growth:

You will learn the proactive techniques to increase your Net Profit. The Craft Money Map will provide the systems you need to build a more scalable business.


Entity Optimization:

We will review your existing business ownership structure(s) to determine how to maximize your entity structure for tax savings and asset protection.


Your retirement plan

We will discuss your current retirement plans and review other retirement plan options that could maximize tax savings and achieve your financial goals.

Learn how to create wealth with retirement plans... Tax Free

wondering if this tax strategy

is right for you?

Protect your assets, increase your cash flow and pay less taxes. So you can sleep well at night, knowing you’re protected

with a solid strategy.

I have gained clarity working with Catrina about deductions and setting up structure for tax advantages.

Catrina and her team have saved me time and energy during the busiest time of my year by setting up and using systems that allow me to focus on servicing the clients instead of dealing with the back-office accounting work.

With the reporting Catrina has provided, I am able to make timely financial decisions and I know specifics about what I am spending and making each year. Increasing my bottom line profits using her Craft Money Map has saved me thousands over the years.

You can lose so much money in just small areas because you don't have the clarity into your business.

Thomas Post - Post Media Group

Are you the next business owner I get to help create a tax strategy?

Let’s find out!

Each month I take on just three new clients.

I’d love to know if you're maximizing all your tax savings. I have a few questions, and then I’ll set up a call with a Craft Money Map Strategist, to find the right tax strategy for you to reach your goals.

Tax Strategist + Trusted Advisor + Passion =

The Craft Money Map

About Catrina M. Craft:

Hello, I am Catrina M Craft and my passion is working alongside high-achieving Entrepreneurs.

As a Celebrity CPA and as an outsourced CFO for over 15 years I have customized tax strategies saving thousands of dollars a year for my clients.

My clients have included:

  • Award Winning Comedians
  • Syndicated Radio Personalities
  • Grammy Award Winners
  • NY Times Best Selling Authors
  • Award winning Actors
  • Billboard Artists
  • And many others!

Until now, I have accepted clients mainly through referrals, I have not revealed these strategies to the public until now.

The Craft Money Map® was created specifically for the clients who are Dental Practice Owners, Medical Practice Owners, Content Creators, and Real Estate Investors.

Linda Leonard: Performance Director and Choreographer

Ultra Nate: American Singer-Songwriter